• Installation Work Days: Monday – Friday
  • Installation Work Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the local time zone
  • Each site survey (if required) takes approximately 1 hour, is completed in a single visit, and will allow the technician to complete multiple visits per day, when geographically possible
  • ATS will provide all the equipment integration, deployment, and installation for this project
  • The equipment will be shipped directly to Client’s location(s) and will arrive at least three (3) days prior to the installation date
  • ATS will provide the Client with all outbound tracking numbers

Project Management Installation

ATS will provide a dedicated project management team to ensure proper coordination of the entire project. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • Schedule Management
  • Deliverable Management
  • Technician Management
  • Overall Project Management and Reporting
  • Development of a detailed Installation Guide for the installation technician(s)
  • Confirmation of the installation schedule with the Client’s Project Manager
  • Management of the technician scheduling, deployment, and arrival at Client location to complete the installation
  • Confirmation of Client’s awareness of the scheduled on-site installation date and availability of a site representative during installation to provide sign-off on the work order

Integration and Deployment Installation

Upon initiation of the project, ATS will:

  • Audit equipment by serial number
  • Configure and stage equipment
  • Pre-Configure the TimeCom hardware and software
  • Kit, package, and ship equipment to each location
  • Approximately 48 hours before installation, complete one successful pre-call to each location to confirm site representative, location address, contact information, and scheduled installation date & time
  • Schedule technician(s) to perform installation
  • Ensure that the technician checks in with Client’s site manager and requests the equipment
  • Audit the inventory of equipment to be installed on-site and document on work order
  • Ensure that the technician follows mutually agreed-upon Client Installation Guide and Work Order
  • Require the technician to clean up equipment and the work area
  • Take a photograph of the completed installation
  • Obtain Client’s site manager work order sign-off, which will constitute acceptance of the installation service
(1) – The Equipment Installation Service is subject to the TimeCom Terms and Conditions detailed in the Timecom general terms

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