Everything You Need to Know About Our Express Exchange Service

At ATS, we pride ourselves on the durability of our time clocks. We know how costly cheap time clocks can be, so we build our time clocks to last as much as three times longer than the low-end[...]

What is a PoE Clock and What Can It Do for Me?

For some customers, simplicity is key. This is why they would opt for a power over Ethernet (PoE) connection. With a PoE clock, the Ethernet cable carries both power and data between the terminal[...]

What You Need to Know to Choose a Time Clock Badge

One of the critical questions when selecting a time clock is deciding what time clock badge to use with it. ATS time clocks work with a variety of badge types and badge manufacturers. It goes[...]

Will My Badge Work with Your Terminal?

One of the first questions we get from prospects is: Will our company badge work with your terminal?


We get it. Nobody wants to roll out a badge replacement program. So this is a great question.

Is Your Workforce Ready for Global Expansion?

You have to get a lot of ducks in a row when your organization decides to expand globally. Preparing your existing workforce ready for global expansion is one of those ducks.


Many companies[...]

How to Prepare for Global Hiring

Many American companies look to global hiring as a response to a growing skills gap. Interestingly, the most critical skills gap identified by executives is the lack of "soft skills," such as[...]

The Right Time Clock for Your Global Expansion Strategy

Going global is an exciting time for any organization. The opportunity is matched only by the scope of planning and attention to detail required to make your global expansion strategy successful.

The Secret on How Companies Go Global

The digital transformation makes it increasingly easy for businesses of all sizes to reach around the world. However, the technical ability to go global doesn't guarantee success. There are few[...]

What's Trending in Global Workforce Development

The digital transformation makes hiring and expanding globally more accessible to organizations of all sizes. It's an exciting, if challenging, time to move towards a global workforce.

4 Global Workforce Trends

Let's start with the two global workforce trends already on your radar that may be causing you stress: talent shortages and talent recruitment gone global. If you’re like most companies fighting[...]

4 Ways to Sell More HR Software With a Time Clock Partner

Becoming a time clock reseller offers a variety of unique paths in the never-ending quest to increase software sales. As the features of HR software packages become more commoditized, it’s the[...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Time Clock Partners Around Integration

The central questions you have to ask when looking for a time clock partner are:

  • What value does this partner bring to my business?
  • What value does this partner bring to my customers?