6 Best Practices for Avoiding Payroll Fraud

According to Hiscox's 2018 Embezzlement Study, payroll fraud accounts for 10 percent of all corporate embezzlement.  Payroll fraud covers all sorts of unsavory behavior from simple-to- execute[...]

Top 4 Challenges of Handling Multi-State Payroll Compliance

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Time In: A Payroll Manager’s Guide to Time Clocks

Time clocks are gatekeepers between your workers and your payroll system. It can be a friendly, useful gatekeeper that provides assistance to workers as well as the payroll department. Or, it[...]

5 Ways Your Payroll Department Can Avoid Time Theft

Time theft is a real thing. If your company isn’t preemptively minimizing time theft*, your payroll is too high. Nearly half of hourly employees engage in some form of time theft and the American[...]

What You Need to Know About Tracking Casino Tips

The first point to get out of the way is that chips are casino tips. It doesn’t matter they aren’t legal tender, they do have monetary value in the world of the casino.>