What ROI Can I Expect by Investing in a High-quality Time Clock?

When companies go through the process to select a time and attendance or WFM solution, picking out the time clock can feel like an afterthought. They mistakenly believe that a low-end time clock[...]

How a Cheap Time Clock Has an Impact on Your Business Proposition

There’s an old saying about how cheap shoes can ruin a great outfit. Well, the same is true of time clocks and the software package they front. Your WFM, payroll or time & attendance solution is[...]

Services Your Time Clock Vendor Should Be Offering You

As you consider which time clocks to include in your offerings to prospects, you want to think about more than the quality of the time clocks. (If you’re not thinking about reselling time clocks –

What a Branded Time Clock Solution Says About You

Incorporating time clocks into your company’s offerings is an effective method of adding value to your overall business proposition. Offering high-quality time clocks gives your sales team[...]

Your Time Clock Implementation Roadmap

Installing any sort of new hardware can seem daunting if you don’t have a good plan backing you up. Fortunately, the team at ATS has supported countless TimeCom implementations and we’ve developed[...]

Helping Your Casino or Hotel Stay Compliant with Wage and Hour Laws

Violating wage and hours laws is expensive. According to a recent legal analysis, the growth in wage and hour suits, along with their costliness, makes them the top exposure risk for companies.[...]

Time Tracking for Contingent Workers in Hospitality

Time Tracking for Contingent Workers in Hospitality

No industry has had to grapple with the challenge of managing contingent workers as much as the hospitality industry. Between the constant cycle[...]

Sell More of Your Time and Attendance Software and Mobile App

Your company probably built a time and attendance app for a couple of reasons. First, people have grown to expect a modern software solution to have a mobile app component. Second, for solutions[...]

Accu-Time Systems Announces New Android App Integration

Accu-Time Systems is introducing our own Android integration platform that allows software solutions to run their Time and Attendance Software or port their Android app on an Accu-Time clock[...]

Is Your HR Department Involved in Deciding Employee Digital Data Collection?

Is Your HR Department Involved in Deciding Employee Digital Data Collection?

Top Business Challenges for SaaS Providers


Nearly all SaaS challenges can be traced back to the fact that new players are constantly coming on-scene. The 2016 Report on the State of SaaS” issued by Better Buys found that 1400 new SaaS[...]

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