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    The Benefits of Employee Self Service for Time and Attendance

    TThe Benefits of Employee Self Service for Time and Attendance

    A good time-and-attendance solution with an employee self-service option is a great way to relieve the workload in your HR and accounting departments while giving workers the information they need to do their jobs better.

    By giving employees online access to their important information, such as their time-and-attendance data, schedules, and benefits and payroll information, your managers and administrators can spend less time answering questions and more time being productive elsewhere.

    Employees Can Edit Personal Details

    If a worker has moved, opened a new bank account, has a new emergency contact number and so on, they should be able to enter these details into the system themselves. This employee self-service feature ensures greater accuracy and takes a tedious task away from administrative staff.

    Ensures Fair Pay

    The accuracy of a new time-and-attendance system also carries over to work tracking data being transferred automatically to the payroll system, ensuring accurate payment of hours (something that may suffer due to the manual input of information). Workers find the fair pay guaranteed by the system reassuring, helping to build trust. They can, of course, check their time cards and view their payroll history, to know where they stand and to see if there are any problems they want to flag.

    Simplifies Worker Leave Requests

    Rather than verbally requesting time off or sending a memo, workers can use the employee self-service portal to request time off. Employers can easily approve, deny or modify the requests and use their time-and-attendance system to view calendars with all worker leave information compiled. Overall, the time keeping system should help to open the lines of communication between employees and company.

    Access to Information Anywhere

    A good employee self-service solution gives them flexible access to their information wherever it makes the most sense. For example, they could access their data through their desktop computers, special kiosks, on the road, or working remotely through a portable computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Keeps Compliance

    A time clock system can help a company and its employees stay compliant with labor laws and worker agreements. For example, if a worker is scheduled for more overtime than allowed by regulations or has two long shifts scheduled more closely together than a union contract permits, the system can be customized to automatically flag such violations of compliance.

    Customizable Flexibility

    The employee self-service solution must be flexible to accommodate the needs of their particular job. For example, if they are allowed expenses such as mileage or meals, the system should allow employees to easily enter their details, so their expenses are taken care of automatically through payroll. Or, if salaried employees need to have their hours tracked for a particular project, they can do this, also helping the company to track project hours for client billing.

    A leader in time-and-attendance solutions since 1991, Accu-Time Systems offers a full range of employee-self service solutions. Contact us today to learn about the options that best suit your company and its workforce.

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    By Carlos Bernal | September 5th, 2017 | employee self service | 2 comments

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