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The Ideal employee Time Clock Ecosystem: Network Visibility

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One of the typical concerns we so often hear from Workforce Management Software Vendors offering employee time clocks is their lack of visibility into how time clocks are working and performing on the customer site and behaving with their systems.  

Your customers rely on you and your software to deliver quality and timely data input and sharing. After all, they have payroll they need to run and they count on you and a reliable employee time clock to make that happen. Having an oversight gap between the time clocks and your system is unacceptable.  

We have some good news: you no longer have to accept it.  

Get 24/7 visibility into your customers' time clock deployments. You can see exactly what all your customers' time clocks and the data they are collecting and communicating back to your system are doing at any moment.  


AccuCloud Offers Information, Support, and Insight

We are putting the power and control of terminal management in your hands. 

AccuCloud is Accu-Time Systems’ new cloud-based time and attendance data collection solution for partners that includes a time clock and ATS hosted cloud-based middleware and an online portal.  

The AccuCloud Portal gives  real-time access to the health and status of every ATS time clock your customers have installed. No more waiting to hear about an offline or malfunctioning terminal as that information slowly trickles up through your customer's support and management teams. Your support team can get that time clock back online, resulting in minimal business disruption and delivering greater value to your customers. 

When your support team sees a time clock has gone offline via the AccuCloud Portal, it can proactively support the customer by notifying them and getting the time clock back online ASAP.  

The AccuCloud Portal provides a graphic interface, making it easy to see the distribution of punches over time and by terminal. The display highlights utilization outliers; information you can then share with customers to help them optimize their time clock layout. The time clock distribution through a worksite is crucial to running an efficient shift change or creating a productivity-slowing, payroll-inflating logjam.  

When your support teams can see the entire network at a glance, it empowers them to provide A+ level proactive (rather than responsive) support to customers. 


Extending AccuCloud Network Insight Through Reporting

The AccuCloud Portal includes a reporting module with numerous pre-built reports. Time clock events can be sorted and filtered as granular as down to the employee, so customers can look into employee punch anomalies or simply verify employee punches whenever a question arises.  

Or they can run these analytical reports by time clock, department or other variable they attach to their employee time clocks. Being able to slice and dice all time clock data collection across each customer's network also helps your support team ensure every time clock deployed is working properly. 


AccuCloud Gives You the Power of Terminal Oversight

With AccuCloud, your support teams can finally pull back the curtain that's been obscuring their oversight into how customers' time clocks are interacting with your system. 


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