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How to Find Time Clock Solutions in the Oracle Marketplace

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If your company uses Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor and you aren’t familiar with the Oracle Marketplace, you should be. The Oracle Marketplace brings together all its partners, so it's easy for users like you to find them.  

The Oracle Marketplace is the Safe Way to Find Oracle-Approved Solutions 

Oracle only allows certified partners to offer their applications or services to Oracle users. In addition, an Oracle team vets and approves each individual listing before it’s added to the marketplace. When you find a solution in the marketplace, you can be confident it: 

  • Will integrate and function easily within your Oracle environment, as it was built specifically for your Oracle system. 
  • Will not break anything that’s already working within your Oracle implementation. 
  • Is not malicious malware that could compromise your network’s security. 
  • Will deliver a fast ROI on your existing Oracle investment.  

Using the Oracle Marketplace is Easy 
Step 1: Use the search page to find what you want. You can search by a term, like “time collection devices” or by a vendor name, like “ATS”. You can also filter your search to narrow down the results. Some of the filter options include language and the device type where you want to run the application. 
Step 2: Research your results list. Each vendor has their own sales page that provides you with detailed information about their application or service. Many include explainer or demo videos, documentation, and other helpful materials. You should also do your due diligence on researching outside of the marketplace. 
Step 3: Make your choice. When you’re ready to move forward with hardware or software, go back to the marketplace and request a demo.  
Once you have the software and hardware, your IT team can integrate it into your Oracle system. Both the Oracle Marketplace and the partner can provide support materials to complete the integration. 
Get the Most from Your Oracle Investment

There are literally hundreds of business solutions on Marketplace that you can search through to find the ones that will enhance your existing Oracle Cloud implementation. If you want more information on how to use the Oracle Marketplace, it has a nice library of “how-to” videos that cover of range of topics, which you can find here. 


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