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How a Facial Recognition Time Clock Reduces Buddy Punching

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Your customers and prospects are most likely challenged by the same problem. They’re overpaying for labor due to buddy punching. 

facial recognition time clockBuddy punching happens when one employee punches themselves in as well as another employee who isn’t there. The result is that the absent employee gets paid for time when they weren’t working. The worker may arrive, or leave work a little late, but those few minutes each day quickly add up. 

If a business doesn't believe buddy punching happens to them, they likely haven't examined their attendance data thoroughly. According to the American Payroll Association, buddy punching alone costs U.S. employers $373 million every year 

Using the right time clock software can decrease time theft. However, only a biometric facial recognition time clock can effectively prevent buddy punching. 


How a Facial Recognition Time Clock Works to Nearly Eliminate Buddy Punching 

Facial recognition technologies work differently in their details, but they all work based on the same broad strokes.  

When a face is scanned, the facial recognition software will analyze the space between features and other geometric properties. It generates data points during this mapping process. The more sophisticated the facial biometric system, the more data points it collects from the scan. 

It converts that data into an encrypted data string. This data is the basis of the biometric template used by facial recognition time clock software to confirm someone's identity. A time clock with face recognition technology scans the employee’s face when they want to punch in or out.  

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Accu-Time Systems’ stride80 with Only|You ™ Face is a facial recognition time clock that uses a two-step process to verify employees. The worker first uses a badge or types in their PIN code on the biometric time clock. Then the Only|You ™ face recognition software locates the template linked to that employee’s credentials.  

The data from the face scan is used to verify the employee by comparing it to the employee’s enrolled templates. If the face scan matches the template, the punch is accepted. If not, the time clock transaction is rejected, and no attendance record is created. 

The stride80 facial recognition time clock ensures that only verified employees can confirm attendance. This stops employee buddy punching and prevents companies from losing money by paying for time not worked. 


How Facial Recognition Time Clocks Also Reduce Other Forms of Time Theft 

Face recognition time clocks stop buddy punching and saves money by preventing overpayment for work. Facial recognition time clocks also encourage actions that further prevent other forms of time theft, saving businesses money and reducing the negative impact bad behaviors. 

Examine Time Tracking Software Data to Identify Time Theft Patterns

When a business wants to reduce buddy punching costs and time theft, the company should examine the data from the employee attendance software. Analyzing employee attendance records from the time tracking system can reveal:

Signs of potential buddy punching 

  • How often are the same two employees punching in or out within seconds of each other? 
  • Is there an employee who frequently punches at the same time as other employees with whom they have a relationship? They might be friends or work on the same team. 

Signs of potential shift padding: 

  • Are there employees consistently punching in or out at times outside their assigned shift schedule? 
  • Are there employees consistently punching out late for break or returning early from it? 


Reviewing attendance data helps the business identify which employees may be engaging in time theft. Armed with this analysis, managers and HR can engage these employees to prevent future time theft. 


Having a No Buddy Punching Policy Sends a Strong Message 

Using a face recognition time clock is practically its own “no buddy punching policy.” 

face recognition time clockThe face recognition time clock shows a change in company culture that takes attendance and time theft seriously. 

Workers using a facial recognition time clock receive a clear message: the company has no tolerance for time theft. With each time clock punch, they’re reminded that the company is taking concrete steps to prevent buddy punching. In this way, the facial recognition time clock can deter employees from engaging in other forms of time theft. 

Customers can shift from deterrence to prevention by using a facial recognition time clock software that allows them to control when workers can clock in and out. 


TimeCollect, our data collection software for the stride80 time clock, integrates with our Only|You Face software. This software further helps your customers prevent unauthorized punches by preventing their employees from clocking in outside their scheduled shifts. It can also be configured with a business rule that enforces full break times, regardless of when employees clock in or out of break.  

These types of business rules enable your customers to better ensure they’re only paying for actual worked hours. 


Help Your Customers Address Buddy Punching and Other Cost Saving Advantages 

Time clocks with facial recognition software decrease buddy punching, resulting in significant savings for your prospects and customers. Yet addressing buddy punching and time theft is only one way a facial recognition time clock can save companies money. 

  • Facial recognition time clocks reduce employee contact with the clock, lowering the risk of transmission. Learn how a facial recognition time clock can reduce employee sick days, thereby boosting productivity. 
  • Companies can use facial recognition to get rid of physical credentials and save money on managing employee ID credentials.

You can save your customers money by offering them a facial recognition time clock with facial to prevent buddy punching and reduce time theft. Our Only|You ™ software runs on our Android-based stride80 time clock. It can run alongside our time clock software or your own Android-based time tracking software. 

Contact us today to learn how you can financially benefit from reselling this advanced time clock attendance tracking technology. 


Biometric Usage: Growing concerns over the privacy and security of biometrics are driving government regulations surrounding the definition of personal data and how to protect it. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected. It is important to understand the local regulations in the geographic areas in which you operate. If you are uncertain regarding your regulatory obligations, we encourage you to consult with your legal counsel.