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Face Recognition Time Clocks Transform Time & Attendance

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facial recognition time clocksOur time clock system, the Android-based stride80™, is so much more than a time clock. We built the stride80™ as an innovation platform that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use to transform your business.  

Perhaps its greatest opportunity is enabling you to immediately start offering customers and prospects a facial recognition time clock. The stride80™ is built to integrate with our Only|You™ Face recognition software. 

In addition to making it easy for you to sell and manage a biometric time clock option, the stride80 also: 

  • Accelerates your speed to market by leveraging any existing or new Android-based applications.  
  • Extends your solution’s functionality on the terminal through customizing your employee self-service applications. 
  • Let’s your team retain control over the applications on the time clock.   
  • Adds new revenue streams to your business model, offering terminals along with your applications.    

The stride80 offers you a great platform to innovate your product development, leading to unique solutions that can make your product stand out among competitors in a saturated market.

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Increase the Value of Your Time and Attendance Solution   

Integrating your time and attendance solution with a biometric system like Only|You™ Face recognition software helps your customers get more value from your system.  

  • The increased security of facial recognition time clocks improves accuracy and efficiency in their payroll systems.  
  • When the employee’s face is their credential, buddy punching becomes virtually impossible. Reducing this common form of time theft can save your customers a significant sum. 
  • Facial recognition time clocks can also help your customers improve attendance

When you strengthen your solution with a stride80 and Only|You face recognition system, your customers will realize an even greater return on their investment.   

A Fast, Direct Path to Market for Your Company’s Innovations

Speed to market is the critical competitive advantage.The stride80™ is a platform not only for advanced technologies like face recognition, but also for accelerating agile, responsive innovation. 

facial recognition time clockWith stride80™ and Only|You ™ face you can immediately leverage any of your existing Android-based technology assets. 

The advantages of speed to market become apparent for your company over time. Customers have evolving demands. Your ability to respond and meet those demands will differentiate your solution. 

With our time-tested platform, your company can roll out new Android-based apps for the terminal as quickly as your dev team can build them.  

Jump Right into the Facial Recognition Time Clock Market 

As the demand for the most advanced time and attendance systems grows, more customers are looking for biometric time clock options. Our facial recognition time clock system includes the stride80 and Only|You™ Face recognition software. 

We designed our Only|You™ Face recognition time clock software so our partners could offer a biometric facial recognition system without requiring new development.  

In addition to the face detection software for the stride80, you can also take advantage of our complete AccuCloud solution, which includes middleware and a management portal that lets you easily scale and manage time clocks deployments. 

How ATS Helps You Along the Way

We’ve built a comprehensive collection of tools and utilities so your product development teams can move quickly with the stride80. This includes a porting utility your tech team can use to quickly get existing Android apps ported to the time clock. 

The stride80 also comes with a comprehensive SDK and utility library to streamline every phase from design to updates of live applications. We’ve made the rollout and update process as straightforward as updating an app on your mobile phone.  

You’ll also get ongoing guidance and expertise from the ATS account management and tech support teams so you can unlock the full potential of Stride80 and your custom Android apps. We work closely with our partners to help you to meet your customers' needs and enhance the value of your systems.  

As always, we’re here to share our knowledge and experience with you. We can start by giving you a personalized demo the stride80™ with the Only|You ™ Face time clock enhancement; contact us today to schedule yours. 

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Biometric Usage: Growing concerns over the privacy and security of biometrics are driving government regulations surrounding the definition of personal data and how to protect it. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected. It is important to understand the local regulations in the geographic areas in which you operate. If you are uncertain regarding your regulatory obligations, we encourage you to consult with your legal counsel.