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Optimizing Budget: Workday Time & Attendance Integration

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Companies can realize maximum financial benefits from Workday Time and Attendance by integrating it with an advanced time clock system. TimeCom is our complete cloud-based time clock solution that provides your company with multiple ways to lower costs and improves productivity when integrated with Workday. 

In this article, we explore the three main ways adding TimeCom to your Workday environment contributes to the financial health of your company: 

  • Improves payroll processes to operate faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost. 
  • It frees up employees to invest more time on strategic, higher-value tasks by automating and streamlining various workforce management-related processes. 
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership while offering flexibility as a cloud-based solution. 


workday certified time clocks streamline payroll

Integrating certified time clocks with your Workday solution provides direct and indirect savings. 


lowers administrative costs

Instead of having to enter a large volume of employee work hours into the payroll system, Workday-certified time clocks automatically send that data to all back-end systems. Automating the employee time tracking data process from start to finish reduces the effort of hours needed to prepare the payroll data files. 


high payroll accuracy

1-4Automating the collection and delivery of employee attendance data into the payroll system also saves direct and indirect costs by improving the accuracy of the data used by payroll. Using an automated system significantly reduces the risk of human error in reporting any data entry of worked hours.  

As an advanced time clock system, TimeCom validates the data before sending it to Workday. For example, the TimeCom software reviews data sets to flag potential issues, like an unpaired punch record. It also marks all records once sent to Workday, ensuring duplicate records don’t get into the back-end systems. These data integrity measures result in fewer payroll errors and less time needed from payroll staff to resolve payroll discrepancies. 

One of our Workday-TimeCom integration customers, Zep Inc, a consumable packaged goods company, reported that their payroll accuracy improved significantly after the integration. Zep runs three shifts, working six days a week across multiple locations in two countries. Managing localization of language, time zones, labor laws, and other issues means their payroll runs aren’t simple. The faster payroll process, due to the automated integration between Workday certified time clocks and Workday payroll, gave managers more time to review and correct any payroll errors before the run. The result was a lower-cost payroll run, happier managers, and happier employees with accurate paychecks. 


Biometric Options Cut Down On Time Theft

More companies are choosing biometric time clocks because they make buddy punching nearly impossible. When employees are their own identifying credentials, they can’t punch in or out for other employees.  

Workday-compatible time clocks work with our fingerprint scanner as an optional reader. Learn more about the basics of biometric readers and best practices for deployment here. 


Free Up employee time for more strategic work

One of the most significant benefits of having an integrated, automated system is 2-Jul-21-2023-07-24-29-2869-PMthat it gives managers, human resources, and payroll staff more time to devote to higher-value tasks and strategic work.

In Zep’s case, their payroll staff had less administrative work once the more efficient, automated payroll process was implemented. With fewer payroll errors to correct and employee attendance data files loading automatically into Workday, the team had the time to start looking at more ways to optimize payroll. 

Check out more payroll optimization resources:


improved reporting

3-3With additional time for strategic work, the back-office teams have improved reporting tools because of the seamless integration. The improved data accuracy combined with automated data delivery means that these teams are always working with the most up-to-date data as they analyze conditions and make decisions. 

They also have a broader collection of data to use in their reporting because TimeCom and Workday have a two-way integration. They can combine the scheduled work hours, actual time tracking data, and employee data, while also running advanced reports that give them more insight into staffing, scheduling costs, and schedule adherence. 

Another benefit of the two-way integration is that Workday data can get delivered to the time clocks for use by employees. The two-way integration allows your company to make the time clock a dual-purpose device. They aren’t just for collecting employee time and attendance data but can also be used as an employee self-service terminal that frees up managerial and HR time. Instead of asking their managers or human resources staff common questions, employees can see their scheduling and payroll information at the time clock. The TimeCom software can also allow employees to submit time-off requests at the time clock, which gets delivered to the Workday system for review and approval.  


cloud time and attendance systems lower total cost of ownership and minimize internal team responsibilities

A cloud time clock system eliminates the costs of managing an on-premise system. It removes the hardware maintenance responsibilities from your internal IT support teams, allowing smaller IT teams to meet all their company’s support obligations. 

TimeCom simplifies and centralizes the IT support needed to manage the time clock deployments and Workday integration through its ClockWatch application. This web-based dashboard gives IT teams real-time visibility of the operational status of every clock that is installed at every work location. This alerts IT teams so an offline time clock can be brought back online quickly.In addition, using a vendor-hosted time clock system lets your company maintain system speed and availability. Even as your workforce grows, there’s no slowdown of service at the clock or the integration to Workday services. 


a workday certified partner, delivers a seamless integration with workday time and attendance software

As a Workday-certified solution, you can be confident that Accu-Time Systems’ TimeCom is a secure, reliable tool without hidden costs or unusual support requirements.

You can have further confidence that we’re invested in the future development of your Workday Time and Attendance system integration. In addition to the available TimeCom resources today, you can expect continued innovations and savings.  

Check out what your company can save each quarter TimeCom by using our time clock calculator here. 


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Biometric Usage: Growing concerns over the privacy and security of biometrics are driving government regulations surrounding the definition of personal data and how to protect it. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected. It is important to understand the local regulations in the geographic areas in which you operate. If you are uncertain regarding your regulatory obligations, we encourage you to consult with your legal counsel.