4 Ways to Sell More HR Software With a Time Clock Partner

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5 Questions to Ask Your Time Clock Partners Around Integration

The central questions you have to ask when looking for a time clock partner are:

  • What value does this partner bring to my business?
  • What value does this partner bring to my customers?

Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Time Clock Partner?

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The Benefits of Factory Provisioning Your Time Clocks

The time inevitably comes when your customers will need new time clocks. In most cases, they’re expanding and need more terminals for a new location or to accommodate a larger workforce.[...]

Services Your Time Clock Vendor Should Be Offering You

As you consider which time clocks to include in your offerings to prospects, you want to think about more than the quality of the time clocks. (If you’re not thinking about reselling time clocks –

What a Branded Time Clock Solution Says About You

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What Should You Be Asking Your Potential Time Clock Partner?

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Sell More of Your Time and Attendance Software and Mobile App

Your company probably built a time and attendance app for a couple of reasons. First, people have grown to expect a modern software solution to have a mobile app component. Second, for solutions[...]