What Payroll Should Ask Before Buying an Employee Time Clock

In an ideal world, payroll managers are central figures in the search for the right time and attendance or workforce management solution. Nothing will get employees unhappy en masse faster than[...]

What a Supervisor Should Know About Time Clocks

Time theft is costly. TheAmerican Society of Employers estimates that 20% of every dollar a U.S. company earns is lost to employee theft. It’s difficult to specify what portion of that is caused[...]

Why Your Time Clock Partner Should Handle Provisioning and Deployment


Your company can realize multiple benefits, from stronger customer loyalty to increased revenue, when it becomes a time clock reseller. The most valuable time clock partners increase your[...]

3 Key Considerations When Scaling Your HCM Software Business

At every point in a SaaS company's lifecycle, it's looking to find the secure, sustainable way to scale its business. The goal may differ depending on where in the SaaS lifecycle the HCM software[...]

5 Ways Your Payroll Department Can Avoid Time Theft

Time theft is a real thing. If your company isn’t preemptively minimizing time theft*, your payroll is too high. Nearly half of hourly employees engage in some form of time theft and the American[...]

4 Ways to Sell More HR Software With a Time Clock Partner

Becoming a time clock reseller offers a variety of unique paths in the never-ending quest to increase software sales. As the features of HR software packages become more commoditized, it’s the[...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Time Clock Partners Around Integration

The central questions you have to ask when looking for a time clock partner are:

  • What value does this partner bring to my business?
  • What value does this partner bring to my customers?

Healthcare Compliance with California Meal Break Law

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Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Time Clock Partner?

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Time and Attendance Strategies for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Using your time and attendance system to minimize labor costs has never been more valuable than it is right now.