Is Your Workforce Ready for Global Expansion?

You have to get a lot of ducks in a row when your organization decides to expand globally. Preparing your existing workforce ready for global expansion is one of those ducks.


Many companies[...]

How to Manage Global Time and Attendance

Compiling and using accurate time and attendance data is critical to managing labor costs and adhering to all the applicable legal compliance requirements. For global time and attendance[...]

Choosing the Right Time Clock for Workday Integration

"This post was originally published on January 3rd, 2018 and updated on April 18th, 2019."

How do you choose the right time Clocks for Workday Time Tracking?

You’ve invested in a comprehensive[...]

Is the Android App the Next Big Step For Time & Attendance

"This post was originally published on March 21st, 2018 and updated on April 10th, 2019."

Many time & attendance solutions have already added an Android app to their offering. Those that haven’t[...]

Time and Attendance Management 101: Save Your Company Money

Solid time and attendance management practices will save your company money. Full stop. The opposite is also true: Any company not engaging in rigorous time and attendance management practices is[...]

5 Ways Your Payroll Department Can Avoid Time Theft

Time theft is a real thing. If your company isn’t preemptively minimizing time theft*, your payroll is too high. Nearly half of hourly employees engage in some form of time theft and the American[...]

Healthcare Compliance with California Meal Break Law

Healthcare workers are overworked. Research dating back over 15 years to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ review of hospital industry employees’ hours as of June 2018 consistently show healthcare[...]

Healthcare Compliance: Staying on Top of Wage and Hour Laws

The healthcare field seems overrun with regulation. Insurance regulations. Workers’ compensation regulations. Personal medical information regulations…

Time and Attendance Strategies for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Using your time and attendance system to minimize labor costs has never been more valuable than it is right now.

Are Time Clocks Ready “Off the Shelf”?

One of the achievements that makes us proud at ATS is how easy our time clocks are to install out of the box. By the time an ATS terminal reaches the company, all they have to do is give it a[...]

How Easy Should Time Clocks be to Use?

Getting workers to adopt new workflows or new technology can be a challenge. Managers find it frustrating because they put a lot of thought and effort into implementing the new process. Poor[...]

Should I Use My Web Clock for Time and Attendance?

Many time and attendance solutions highlight the “benefit” that users can log in via a web-based time clock. At first glance, a web clock seems like a good option. The company can avoid the[...]