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Cloud-Based Time Collection Solutions for Your WFM Software

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This question may come up often for your business: Should you offer time clocks?

Your team checks off the potential benefits:  

  • Ability to offer customers a unified and comprehensive solution. 
  • Better value to customers and ROI on their investment  
  • Secondary revenue stream 

Then someone checks off the concerns of offering hardware:  

  • Do we have the resources to manage a physical product?  
  • Where do we store them?  
  • How do we upload our software? Manage distribution and shipping?   

With ATS's new cloud-based time collection solution, AccuCloud, offering time collection devices makes the question of adding time clocks to your time tracking product an easy "yes." 


So, What Exactly is AccuCloud? 

AccuCloud is an ATS cloud-based time collection solution that connects ATS time clocks to your back-end software via our cloud-hosted middleware. It allows your customers' employees to use ATS' time clocks to punch in and out.   

AccuCloud handles all the same punch workflows customers may currently enjoy, from a simple punch in/out to more complicated use cases such as enforcing break punches or requiring job and cost center transfers to be captured at the time clock. 

Once employee data (such as name, ID, etc.) is validated, it's automatically sent to your back-end system through the middleware. AccuCloud also includes a web portal for real-time visibility into all your customers' deployments. 


Why You'll Love AccuCloud 

When you become an AccuCloud, value-added reseller (VAR), you're selling a fully integrated solution with your back-end system, an ATS time clock and a cloud-based terminal management solution to your customers. The AccuCloud Portal gives your support teams unparalleled visibility and control into all of your customers' time clock deployments. 

For example, if a time clock goes offline, your team will be the first to know. If your team wants to see which time clocks are being over or under-utilized, it can run a report to find out. If there's an integration or communication issue between a time clock and the middleware, your team will see it as it happens. AccuCloud pulls back the curtains that obscured your insight into how your customers' time clocks communicate with your back-end system. 

Of course, you have the opportunity to increase your customers' monthly subscription fees to reflect the increased service your solution provides with AccuCloud. 

While you will love the increased insight and control into customer deployments, you won't have to deal with time clock logistics. ATS will continue to handle the logistics, so your hardware interaction is as minimal as possible. We'll even take care of shipping these plug-and-play terminals directly to your customer.  

Last, we always put your company and brand first with your customers. If feasible, we'll put your company brand on the time clocks, the AccuCloud portal, and any ATS marketing collateral you'd like to use. 


Why Your Customers Will Love AccuCloud 

If you share the AccuCloud time clock Monitor with your customers, they'll have visibility into their time clock deployments. You're empowering them to support themselves to diagnose an issue and minimize any data collection disruptions. 

For any support issues that can't be resolved quickly, your team can use the AccuCloud portal to contact the ATS support team directly. 

To learn more about AccuCloud and to enhance your customers' experience, take a look at our comprehensive eBook.

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