Time Tracking Solutions

ATS builds durable time clocks that easily integrate with Workforce Management Software to automate and simplify employee data collection and management.

Finding The Right Clock Workforce Management Systems

The best time clock for your workforce management system is the one that best suits your customers. When you understand an individual customer’s circumstances and challenges, you can make the case for the best time clock to integrate within your solution. 

A Time Clock Partner that Makes Integrating Time Clocks Easy

If you want to provide a complete employee time tracking system, include a time and attendance clock

Face Recognition Time Clocks Transform Time & Attendance

Our time clock system, the Android-based stride80™, is so much more than a time clock. We built the

Introducing Facial Recognition Time Clocks to Your Organization

AccuCloud, our cloud-based time and attendance solution, has been gaining traction with sales teams...

Cross-Selling Facial Recognition Time Clocks

Cross-selling is a time-tested strategy for increasing revenue and profitability.

How Does Facial Recognition Time Clocks Work?

Facial recognition technology is no longer the province of law enforcement agencies. It has wide...

How a Facial Recognition Time Clock Reduces Buddy Punching

Your customers and prospects are most likely challenged by the same problem. They’re overpaying for...

How Facial Recognition Time Clocks Can Improve Attendance

Time clocks track employee attendance, but the best time clocks help improve employee attendance

Facial Recognition Time Clocks vs Time Cards to Track Employee Time

Making the transition from a paper time card system to a cloud-based facial recognition time clock...

Working with AccuCloud’s Architecture

As the name makes clear, ATS's new AccuCloud is a secure cloud-based solution that hosts all of...

Choosing the Right Time Clock Partner: Key Questions to Ask

The time clock is an integral component of your time and attendance solution, and the front gate...

The Ideal employee Time Clock Ecosystem: Network Visibility

One of the typical concerns we so often hear from Workforce Management Software Vendors offering...