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6 Reasons Customers Love Cloud Based Time and Attendance

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As a SaaS provider, your software, whether it's a time and attendance system, payroll package, or full workforce management solution, lives in the cloud. 

With AccuCloud, you can offer your customers cloud-based integration between  ATS time clocks and your system, along with improved time clock services via the AccuCloud Portal. 

AccuCloud makes it easy to integrate with your back end system and  provides complete visibility and transparency into customers' time clock deployments. Using  AccuCloud provides an improved customer experience with the potential to act as a revenue multiplier through longer customer relationships and more customer referrals. 

For that to happen, your customer first needs to see the value that the AccuCloud system offers them. Here are six reasons why your customers will love a cloud-based time and attendance integration and time clock management system. 

  1. Near real-time data collection
    Near real-time data collection is available from the  ATS time clock through the AccuCloud middleware and on to your system. You can integrate with the AccuCloud middleware through either  uploading a data set, or web services. Some customers may prefer a nightly data set, while others want a sync to run every few minutes. Either way, your customers know their most current time and attendance data is going into your system.

  2. No on-premise servers required
    ATS hosts the AccuCloud middleware and web portal on our servers. There's a reason infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service markets are growing, even as the SaaS market stabilizes. Whatever the route to the cloud, companies don't want to be bothered with hardware and network services. Sid Nag, research director at Gartner, described the IaaS market as "fundamental change in what and how organizations are consuming technology." With AccuCloud time and attendance integration, both your customers and you shift the infrastructure costs and responsibilities onto ATS.

  3. A true plug & play installation
    A true plug & play installationgets customers operating quickly and with no fuss. When the ATS time clock is initially connected to your customer's network and a power source, the AccuCloud middleware pushes out the time clock configuration that you’ve designated for that customer.

  4. The plug & play framework simplifies upgrades
    Configuration changes and software and OS updates get pushed out the same way. The result is a better-managed fleet of time clocks ensuring a better experience with your system. We've seen many customers use their on-premise installations to push out irregular time clock updates, but inconsistent upgrade creates service headaches. AccuCloud ends this bad IT practice and ensures every time clock in a customer's fleet is operating on the same software version and configuration.  

  5. Multiple data storage redundancies built into the AccuCloud environment.
    Collection gaps in time and attendance data is poison to the customer experience. They also diminish the value and utility of using an automated time and attendance system – your system. All of our time clocks have local capacity to store collected data if the time clock goes offline. Once the time clock re-establishes communication, the data it's been holding goes through the normal integration flow. And not only that- the middleware stores data in the case of a network connectivity interruption on the client’s side.  

  6.  Remote monitoring and management of their time clocks

    Your IT team will have full visibility into each customer's deployment through the AccuCloud Portal, and you can provide customers with log-ins so they can also see their own deployments. The AccuCloud Monitor shows the status of each time clock in real time, making it easy to see if one has gone offline. Your team can proactively alert your customer, minimizing any disruption to data collection. The AccuCloud portal also includes reporting capabilities allowing you and your customers to analyze time clock utilization and employee-specific utilization. You can help your customer optimize their ATS integration with your system for maximum ROI. 


Our new AccuCloud system presents multiple ways for your company to broaden the scope of value-added services you provide your customers. Are you ready to hear more about AccuCloud and all the ways it improves your cloud-based time and attendance management? 


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