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Best Practices for Oracle Work-Study Time and Attendance Tracking

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Many universities offer students a chance to work part-time on campus through a work-study program. These programs become increasingly important as tuition rises. 

Higher education institutions need a time and attendance software solution like Oracle Cloud Time and Labor. It tracks the work hours of students and sends their time data to the departments and line managers who need it. With the right time clock system supporting it, the employee time data is sent in almost real-time. 

Efficient management of work-study programs requires using your Oracle Cloud Time and Labor adeptly. This article looks at how universities can improve their use of this software to track and manage work-study students' time and attendance. 


A Single Time and Attendance Solution for a Sprawling Campus 

Universities with vast campuses face the challenge of efficiently managing time and attendance across diverse departments, roles, and physical facilities. Oracle Time and Labor unifies time tracking for students and staff across campus. It simplifies and streamlines the complex task of tracking hours and attendance data, regardless of the location where it was collected.  

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Using a single time clock system on campuses that integrates with Oracle ensures that the data is recorded and managed in one reliable source. All departments, including payroll and the Student Employment Office, can be sure they are using the same correct data. 

You can optimize your Oracle time recording and management by integrating it with a user-friendly time clock system. Using the same clocks everywhere on campus ensures that students have a consistent way to track their time, regardless of where they clock in that day.  

This regularity helps students get used to the time clocks, so they use them during every shift. Having a high adherence rate using the clocks ensures the university gets the full benefits of automation. If students don’t use the time clock consistently, staff must manually oversee the time recording process in Oracle. This manual oversight makes reported time less reliable. 

Oracle Time and Labor: A Highly Customizable Solution 

Oracle Time and Labor integrated with a reliable time clock simplifies usage across buildings, eliminating multiple sign-ups. Yet, you can also customize it to meet the needs of different departments. 

oracle time and laborFor example, you can use its rule-based time recording to set different requirements regarding what data is collected and how it’s processed. Students might be working in different departments. They should be able to specify the department when they clock in.  

Oracle’s easy to use rule engine can then determine payrates and allocate costs for the student’s work hours accurately. Different jobs or department budgets may set their own rules about overtime. 

Customizing Oracle Time and Labor this way optimizes its budget management support for the entire institution. 

Get Accurate Identification with an Oracle Time Clock 

Campuses are large and have a lot of students and staff. Therefore, it is necessary for a time-and-attendance system to accurately verify identities 

A time card entries or PIN-entry system is somewhat secure. However, individuals can still misuse it if they share cards or numbers. The top protection is a biometric time clock that verifies identities using unique biological features like fingerprints. This prevents "buddy punching," which occurs when someone clocks in or out on behalf of a friend or coworker. 

Integrate Work Tracking and Payroll Systems 

Oracle Time and Labor is built for integrations that expand its value to your school. An Oracle-validated time and attendance time clock system will seamlessly integrate with it and your payroll software 

The time clock system automates Oracle by collecting time and attendance data, preventing errors and manual time cards. The time clock system sends the work hours to Oracle ensuring that accurate and timely payments are made to students with all the correct information that is collected from your Oracle software.  

oracle time and laborTo learn more about the time clock solutions that best suit the needs of your university, contact Accu-Time Systems to discuss our TimeCom solution. We designed TimeCom to seamlessly integrate with Oracle Cloud Time and Labor. Our mission is to deliver customers advanced cloud-based time and attendance tracking solutions that are robust, reliable, and intuitive. 

Our technology makes it easy for universities to manage and control your labor costs by accessing time data easily. 

Do not let time theft or inaccurate hours worked undermine your return from your Oracle workforce management solution. Get in touch with our solution consultant today for all your time and labor needs. We can help with shift scheduling, time off requests, and payroll processing. 

Track time and attendance effortlessly and accurately across your entire campus with our comprehensive solutions. 

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