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Benefits of Integrating Oracle Time and Labor with Time Clocks

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When your company chooses Oracle Time and Labor as your workforce management system, you invest in a high value solution. To maximize your return on that investment, you need to select the right time clock system to go with it. 

Project managers and human resources staff who work in Oracle rely on its time and labor data. Sophisticated time clocks feed accurate attendance data to your Oracle human capital management system. You should expect additional high value features from the time clock system you integrate with your Oracle system. Partnering with the right time clock vendor is key to optimizing the benefits of a comprehensive WFM solution. 

Work with an Oracle-Validated Partner 

Working with an Oracle-validated timekeeping solution vendor ensures that you’re adding a proven, vetted tool into your Oracle time system. Oracle put the solutions through a rigorous testing process to confirm they meet Oracle‘s standards for integration, security, and functionality. 

You can be confident that a validated solution fills its role well and safely integrates into your Oracle HCM time environment. There’s no concern that integrating the time clock and external software will interfere with your Oracle operations. 

Selecting a validated solution also speeds up your ROI on your Oracle investment. They have already tested the time clock to ensure it integrates easily with Oracle products. 

19You can also be confident that your timekeeping solution partner is as invested in Oracle HCM solutions as you are. It has purpose-built its set of tools to integrate smoothly with Oracle products. It has a knowledgeable technical support team with proven expertise deploying and supporting its system and its Oracle integration. After lodging support requests with the validated time clock vendor, your team can expect quick and complete resolutions. 

Oracle regularly updates and improves its offering. A vendor already invested in an Oracle-validated solution is also likely to continue their product development in alignment. The time vendor will continue to improve the time clock system so your company's Oracle system also increases its value. 

It's an easy three-step process to find an Oracle-validated time clock solution in the Oracle marketplace. 

Look for a Validated Solution that Offers a Wide Range of Time Clock Configurations 

Avoid locking yourself into a choice between just one or two time clock configurations. You want to choose the time clock that fits best in your work environment. The time clock should be compatible with an array of reader options and configurations, such as: 

  • Keypad only 
  • Swipe card and keypad 
  • Proximity card and keypad 
  • Biometric reader with at least one secondary reader option, like a keypad, proximity, or swipe time card reader. Some states have laws that prohibit requiring employees to share biometric information with employers. So, the best practice is to always have at least one secondary reader option with a biometric reader.  

You deserve a high quality, durable time clock that fits your company’s budget. Not every organization needs all the features of the top-of-line time clock. Some companies need a time clock that is good at recording attendance, but doesn't have to do anything else. The seller should have good time clocks that fit different budgets and needs. 

The Right Time Clock Saves Your Organization Money 

A time clock vendor should offer durable time clocks that last a long time. Replacing time clocks every few years increases the total cost of ownership of your Oracle cloud-based system. When you deploy time clocks that can last up to ten years, you will save your company money and stress. 

The right time clock also saves money by fully automating payroll and eliminating any manual workflows from your attendance management system. The more advanced time clock systems provide additional tools that help you save money on labor costs. 

Improves Payroll Speed and Accuracy 

An automated payroll process takes less time and requires less manual oversight. It delivers accurate data for payroll processing on a reliable schedule. Because of its reliability, both payroll and project managers know payroll will run as scheduled. It also gives them plenty of time for the approval process, further ensuring employees get accurate pay. 

How Time Clocks Lower Labor Costs 

You should expect your time clock system to lower your labor costs, often one of the biggest expenses for any company. The time clock system should provide you with access to reporting tools that help you improve your labor management and scheduling. 

Blog photos inside (400 × 400 px)-Aug-09-2023-02-11-41-4151-PMFor example, reports analyzing hours actually worked by employees can help prevent excessive overtime hours. Managers who consult a daily report that flags worker time trending to hit overtime hours can adjust future work schedules accordingly. 

Other reports can analyze employee attendance data to measure schedule adherence. These reports identify employees who regularly miss work.  

An absence report gives the manager a chance to address the issue with the employees to improve their attendance record. It also helps managers accurately forecast schedule adherence. With improved forecasting, managers can better avoid the costs of over or under-staffing a shift.  

For more details on using the time clock to cut labor costs, check out 3 Ways to Save Money through Data Driven Workforce Analysis. 

A Sophisticated Time Clock Enables Employees to Take Control of Their Time 

Choosing a time clock with innovative functionality and features can be a significant change for your workforce and employee relations. It starts by protecting your company's relationship with its employees by ensuring accurate and timely paychecks. accurate and timely It continues by empowering employees with additional benefits. By integrating Oracle timekeeping with the right time clock, your company can provide a more positive employee experience. 

Look for Employee Self-Service Functions at the Time Clock 

12You should expect more from the integrated time clock than simply track employee hours. It should also serve as an employee self-service device, empowering your workforce and saving everyone time and inconvenience. By providing additional features, such as requesting time off and viewing schedules, you will have an engaged and efficient workforce. 

Employees can save time and avoid bothering managers, HR, or payroll staff by utilizing the time clock to: 

  • Check their available paid time off. 
  • Submit requests for paid time off. 
  • View their upcoming schedule. 

Empowering employees to handle these personal tasks on their own also helps develop an employee culture of responsibility.   

Create a Supportive Environment for Employees with Better Data 

Analysis of time clock data can reveal employee patterns. It can identify an employee who may be in some distress. The distress might be personal or because they're unhappy with their work. Either way, this distress can show up in attendance reports. It could show up as:

  • A sudden pattern of notable absences or tardiness from an employee who normally doesn’t display such behavior.  
  • An employee who is requesting a lot of time off but in short increments. Look for requests lasting only a half day or for a couple of hours at the start or end of shift. 

Managers who have reporting based on real time data can more easily identify those at risk. They can provide those employees with early support that improves employee well-being, strengthens employee relationships, and prevents the loss of high value workers 

TimeCom for Oracle HCM Time and Labor 

Our TimeCom time clock solution provides companies with these benefits and more. TimeCom is a cloud-based time entry and attendance tracking system. It's also an employee self-service (ESS) solution that seamlessly integrates with your Oracle HCM Time and Labor system. It works with our PeoplePoint Plus and Premium time clocks.  


TimeCom provides you a best-in-class solution for automating the collection of employee attendance data. As an Oracle-validated solution, it smoothly integrates into all your Oracle back-office systems, starting with data for payroll.  

We help you connect TimeCom with your Oracle Time and Labor system quickly, securely, and smoothly. Working with ATS makes replacing legacy products used to collect attendance data easy and stress-free. Contact us today for a more personalized look at our cloud-based time tracking solution, TimeCom for Oracle.

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