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Manage Employee Time with Workday Time Tracking Integrated with a Time Clock

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Blog photos inside (400 × 400 px)-Sep-11-2023-02-38-29-4207-PMManaging employee time is critical to having a successful business. From time tracking to tracking productivity levels, effective time management is crucial. Integrating Workday Time Tracking with a time clock is a vital tool that helps businesses manage employee time and absence. 

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TimeCom is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking system that enables employers to track employee time and absence accurately. It is a Workday certified solution, specifically designed to integrate with Workday Time Tracking.  

With the time clock sending data to Workday in near real-time, businesses can enjoy several benefits. 

Calculate employee worked hours easily with a Time clock that Integrates with Workday Time Tracking 

Accurately tracking employee hours is essential for businesses to effectively manage their resources. Integrated time clocks that work with Workday Time Tracking can simplify this process and reduce errors in tracking hours worked. The traditional method used paper time cards or spreadsheets, which were prone to errors and required manual calculation. However, a Workday Time Tracking time clock streamlines this process, making it easier for businesses to manage their Workday payroll. 

With a time clock, employees punch in and out with a proximity card, fingerprint scan, or with a PIN code. Blog photos inside (400 × 400 px)-Sep-11-2023-02-39-45-8370-PMThe time clock records the time and date of each punch; no manual reporting is required. Replacing a manual process with automated time tracking reduces the risk of payroll errors. 

Tracking in Workday through an ATS time clock also automates the calculations of employee hours worked, including overtime. This feature eliminates the need for manual calculation and reduces the risk of errors, saving businesses time and resources. 


Increase Productivity  

Using a time clock that integrates with Workday Time Tracking can significantly increase employee productivity. First, using a time clock sends a message to employees and sets clear expectations.  Knowing that someone is monitoring their work hours makes them more likely to remain productive. This can lead to better overall performance and higher levels of output. 

Combining Workday Time tracking with an integrated time clock system creates an absence management tool capable of identifying areas for improvement. If a team or employee is frequently late, it could indicate issues with time management or workflow. A manager or human resource staff member can address and resolve the issue. By identifying these issues early, businesses can take steps to correct them, leading to significant productivity improvements. 


Improves Business Operations  

TimeCom and Workday Time Tracking work together to provide valuable insights into employee time and productivity. Businesses can use this data to make informed decisions about their staff and schedules. They can also pinpoint areas that require additional training or resources to enhance efficiency. This can lead to more effective allocation of resources and ultimately reduce labor costs while increasing profits. 

Workday time trackingIn addition to improving staffing and scheduling, Workday Time Tracking-integrated time clocks can also help with compliance and regulatory requirements.

Tracking employee hours helps businesses manage their compliance with labor laws on minimum wage, overtime, and breaks. Using an automated tool to help with compliance management prevents legal issues, fines, and protects the business's reputation. 


How a Time Clock Helps Employees Manage Their Time   

A Workday Time Tracking-integrated time clock is a powerful tool for businesses toTimeCom_ReadyforNextStep300x300 manage employee time and productivity. By accurately tracking employee time and absence, businesses can increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve overall business operations. Businesses should follow several steps to use a time clock effectively:  

  • They need to select the right time clock.  
  • They should train employees on how to use it.  
  • Management should set clear guidelines and expectations for employees regarding the use of the time clocks.  


Managers and Human Resource staff can then track employee time and productivity. Fill out the form below to request a demo of how Workday Time Tracking easily integrates with TimeCom time clocks.  


Accu-Time System is a Workday-certified partner that makes durable time clocks integrated designed to integrate with Workday Time Tracking. TimeCom can support your business with the time clocks you need to improve your processes of managing employee time.  

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