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Optimize ROI with Oracle Time Clocks

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Oracle HCM represents a substantial investment, with high expectations of a significant return on investment. Choosing the right Oracle time clock system plays a pivotal role in shaping the extent of that ROI. 

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Conduct a full review of each HCM timeclock under consideration to determine if it offers the complete array of financial advantages by: 

  • Controlling labor costs 
  • Reducing payroll administration costs 
  • Improving employee productivity 
  • Providing reports and analysis to optimize WFM strategies 
  • Contains total cost of ownership of time clock system 

Gain More Control over Labor and Payroll Costs with an Oracle Time Clock 

Optimizing your company's payroll process is within reach through fully automated payroll, starting from efficient time clock attendance data collection, all the way to seamless distribution of that data across various back-office solutions integrated with Oracle HCM. 


Lower Payroll Administrative Costs 

Fully automating collection and management of employee work hours removes the need for manual data management tasks from payroll teams, reducing the risk of costly human errors. 

Oracle Time ClocksThe improved accuracy of the attendance data also reduces oversight and reconciliation needed by payroll staff. With less staff effort needed to manage the payroll process, you have the option to reduce payroll staff and/or use the recaptured time for the payroll employees to focus on more strategic   

Enhanced data quality and reporting from your HCM time clock management system gives your company a clearer understanding of labor cost allocations and identifies opportunities to optimize labor spending. 

TimeCom an Oracle Validated Time Clock Vendor Provides Tools to Reduce Time Theft 

TimeCom is Accu-Time Systems cloud-based time clock solution. By using our Oracle integrated time clocks, you can avoid overpaying employees for time. For example, with our cloud-based integration, your company can: 

  • Set limits on how early employees can punch in before a shift. 
  • Enforce meal breaks so you can ensure employees take their full break time. 
  • Prevent employees from punching in when not scheduled. 


With TimeCom you can further prevent time theft if you select to use a biometric reader option, which makes buddy punching virtually impossible. 

Increase Employee Productivity 

The easier the time clock is to use, the more employees will take advantage of the full scope of functionality available, improving accuracy of the data collected and its utility to the company. 

Select Oracle Time Clocks that Provide Employees with a Fast & Easy Experience 

oracle time clock integration with Time and LaborLong lines at the time clock during shift changes causes delays in getting to work and frustrates employees. The hardware configuration of the time clock impacts how quickly employees can complete a punch at the clock and then get to work. 

Time Clock Hardware Is Crucial for Employees to Have a Positive Experience 

Look for Oracle time clocks with sufficient memory, storage, and processing power. All these features impact how quickly the clock will operate. 


In addition, consider looking for time clocks equipped with large, high-definition touchscreens. The sharper the screen, the more effortless it becomes for employees to read messages from managers. An Oracle HCM Time and Labor-integrated time clock that offers this clear communication stream fosters increased productivity and enhances interpersonal communication within the organization. 


Time Clocks that Provide Value-added Service 

The best time clocks go beyond essential attendance data collection. Search for a time clock system that facilitates seamless data exchange with your Oracle HCM software, ensuring a two-way flow of valuable data, not just one-way data transmission. 

When the time clocks can receive data from Oracle HCM to share at the clock, employees can save time by getting answers to their most common scheduling and payroll questions. The ATS time clocks built to integrate with Oracle give employees access at the time clocks to check: 

  • How much PTO they have 
  • Their upcoming schedule 
  • How much time have they worked this pay period 

Another service available with TimeCom is the ability for employees to submit time off requests at the ATS time clock. 

Allowing employees to get this information on their own saves their time and time of their managers, human resources, and payroll staff who, would normally have to provide the employees with the information. 

Empowering employees to access this information on their own not only saves their time but also relieves their managers, human resources, and payroll staff from the task of providing the same information. A user-friendly ATS time clock system facilitates this seamless self-service approach, enhancing efficiency across the organization. 

Enhance Workforce Management System Analysis 

The time collection system you integrate with Oracle time and Labor should also provide workforce management teams with the data and tools they need to support their ability to continuously optimize the company’s workforce management. 

Sending More Data to Oracle 

Time clocks play a crucial role in collecting employees' work hours. However, for a comprehensive picture of employee attendance, your WFM team requires more than just basic hours data. Gathering granular information allows management and HR professionals to efficiently pinpoint potential issues and address them effectively. 

For instance, if there's a widespread absenteeism problem or if it's confined to certain shifts or managers, a more detailed view is necessary. Oracle first needs the actual hours worked, gathered by the time clock, to compare against scheduled hours to identify absenteeism concerns. Additionally, having the capability to collect extra data at the time clock grants the WFM and HR staff more reporting options, enabling them to narrow down and address absenteeism issues more precisely. 


Additional Attendance Data that ATS Time Clocks Can Collect 

With every employee punch at an ATS time clock, the employee can specify: 

  • Department 
  • Role 
  • Project 
  • Program 

This additional information helps WFM and Finance analyze what departments, projects, or programs are operating cost-efficiently and which have high labor costs or attendance issues that negatively affect productivity. 

You can also customize the ATS time clocks to collect other data that is useful to your organization. For example, if some employees earn tips, the time clock can require employees in those roles to enter their daily earnings when they clock out of a shift. 

The broader array of time clock data sent back to Oracle allows for more analysis on combined data. 

WFM Issues Advanced Time Clock Data Can Uncover 

  • Labor costs by department, project or program - where may there be excessive overtime or budgeted labor costs? 
  • Is high absenteeism and poor schedule adherence leading to over-staffing? 
  • Are there shifts, programs, or managers that are regularly under-staffed, causing productivity problems? 
  • Where might allowing more overtime be a cost savings to adding new staff? 

The result is the ability of your workforce management department to make more accurate staffing predictions and to make better, data-driven WFM decisions at strategic and tactical levels. 

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Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership for Oracle-Integrated Time Clock Systems 

You don’t want the time clock system to become a source of high or unexpected costs. Below are key features and services you should expect from a clock system and provider that will help you manage the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fully integrated Oracle time clock solution. 

Contains IT Support Costs 

As your company needs more time clocks to serve its growing employee count, you shouldn’t need to hire more IT personnel to support a growing time clock deployment. 

The time clock provider should offer tools that centralize and simplify IT time clock support responsibilities.  

The ATS TimeCom system can include ClockWatch a web-based monitoring tool that gives your IT teams full visibility into the operational status of every timeclock deployed. ClockWatch also provides the IT team with a direct communication channel to ATS customer support for rapid response to any issue. 

The ATS technical support team also coordinates pushing out updated software to the time clocks with your IT personnel, which can be done en masse without requiring them to visit any time clock to complete the update. 

Durable Time Clocks 

Poorly constructed time clocks have to be replaced often, driving up TCO. A well-designed, well-made time clock can last three times as long as a cheap time clock. 

Select an Oracle-Validated Time Clock Solution 

Working with an Oracle-validated time clock solution keeps the start-up costs of integrating and implementing the two solutions low. Since the clock solution has been vetted by Oracle, the time clock system provider has proven experience managing integration and deployment projects efficiently. So there’s low risk of unforeseen delays. 

Always start your search for the right Oracle time clocks at the Oracle cloud marketplace for a vetted solution. 

Improve Your Bottom Line with Top Line Oracle Time Clocks 

Your choice of Oracle time clocks to integrate with your Oracle system will be highly consequential to the value and ROI your company gets from your Oracle environment.  
AccuTime Systems purpose-built our TimeCom time collection system as a comprehensive time clock system that integrates with Oracle HCM. As an Oracle-validated solution, TimeCom provides your company with the products and functionality needed to optimize your ROI and improve your workforce management. 

Contact us today to talk with an ATS specialist and learn how TimeCom can enhance the financial impact of your Oracle system. 

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