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How Facial Recognition Time Clocks Can Improve Attendance

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facial recognition time clockTime clocks track employee attendance, but the best time clocks help improve employee attendance

The best biometric time and attendance systems provide a unique opportunity to improve attendance. 




Biometric Time Clocks Nearly Eliminate Buddy Punching 

Biometric time and attendance systems have advantages, such as virtually eliminating buddy punching. Buddy punching is a popular form of time theft that increases payroll. However, it also encourages all types of absenteeism. 

When employees are clocking in for each other, a false attendance record is created. To improve attendance, managers run reports to identify employees with poor attendance records. Employees who are frequently absent, late, or leave work early can use buddy punching to hide their poor attendance record. 

Since false employee punches appear on the attendance report, managers aren’t getting an accurate assessment of which employees are absentee problems. As a result, managers don’t have the information they need to remediate behaviors and improve company attendance. 

Typical time clocks are most vulnerable to buddy punching because they don’t require biometric data from the employee to create the attendance record. 

Facial Recognition Time Clocks Offer the Most Protection Against Absenteeism 

Many working environments, such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and food services would benefit from biometric systems. Yet, these industries can’t work with hand or fingerprint readers 

facial recognition time clock

Having a face recognition time clock to offer these companies addresses specific needs and provides you with a competitive edge in catering to these large industries. 


Why Sell ATS’ Facial Recognition Time Clock 

Our facial recognition time clock , Only|You ™ Face, is an add-on compatible with our stride80 time clock. 

We designed Only|You ™ Face as part of a complete biometric time clock system that uses facial recognition technology to identify employees. 

Together, Only|You ™ Face and our stride80 time clock provides a solution for your customers who arere interested in a biometric time and attendance system, but don’t consider hand or fingerprint readers a good fit for their organization. 


How Only|You ™ Facial Recognition time clocks Work

The Only|You ™ Face software is already integrated to work with our TimeCollect time clock software. If you have an Android-based time collection software, we can help you port it to the stride80 and integrate it with our facial recognition technology and your solution. 

Once enrolled in the biometric facial recognition process, employees can start using the time clock to record their attendance. 

We designed Only|You ™ Face software to work with a two-factor authentication process, for highest accuracy and security.  

facial recognition time clockEmployees start the process by entering their PIN at the clock’s keypad or using another reader option, like an RFID card. Then the facial recognition software selects the template associated with their PIN entry or badge. The clock’s camera scans the employee’s face. If the real time scan matches the selected template, the employee can use the clock. 

Without a match, the clock software won’t create an employee time record for that employee. Since attempts to clock in for an employee who isn’t physically present at the time clock fail, there are no false attendance records that obstruct your customers’ efforts to improve attendance. 

When Only|You ™ Face verifies the match, the stride80 screen displays the employee's name. If the name is correct, the attendance record for that employee is created. In some cases, companies want additional information before creating the record. For example, some of your customers might want employees to select the punch type (e.g. In/Out or Meal In/Out) or job transfer information.  


The Easiest Way to Offer a Facial Recognition time clock

Quickly enter the market by reselling Only|You ™ facial recognition with TimeCollect, our time and data collection software.  

If you have an Android-based time clock time collection software, you can use that with our Only|You ™ Face system instead. We’ll provide you with our SDK and API library to build your own integrations with the facial recognition software and your solution. 

With either option, we’ll still handle all the time clock provisioning for you. 


Contact us today to understand how the Only|You ™ Face software functions and discover how it can be integrated into your workforce solutions. 

Biometric Usage: Growing concerns over the privacy and security of biometrics are driving government regulations surrounding the definition of personal data and how to protect it. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected. It is important to understand the local regulations in the geographic areas in which you operate. If you are uncertain regarding your regulatory obligations, we encourage you to consult with your legal counsel.