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What Provisioning with ATS Looks Like

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Reselling durable time clocks is not only the best way to get your software into your customers’ hands, it is also a logical additional revenue stream for any VAR in the time and attendance software space. If the VAR is working with a time clock vendor that doesn’t handle all the provisioning, reselling time clocks could turn into a loss leader that’s not worth the logistical costs. 

That’s why ATS does the heavy lifting and can take on 100% of the provisioning responsibility for our time clock resellers. The only task that our resellers need to handle is billing their customers for the time clocks. This allows ATS resellers to avoid the costs associated with provisioning while still bringing in the revenue. 


The Step-by-Step Process from Ordering to Deployment 

The ATS provisioning process is straightforward. Here is each step from inventory to delivery. 

  1. Managing time clock inventory: ATS manufactures and manages inventory for all our time clocks. This way, ATS resellers can expect their customers will get fast delivery of an order without the reseller having to pre-purchase any inventory or find storage space. 
  1. Customer orders time clocks: The customers always place their orders directly with the reseller. Our resellers are always the face of the time clocks sales to their customers. The reseller bills the customers for the time clocks, including whatever premium they add to the cost of the time clocks.
  1. Configuring the time clocks: When ATS receives the customer’s order from the reseller, the ATS team goes straight to building and configuring the time clocks to that customer’s specifications. 
  1. Testing the time clocks: As the ATS team builds the new time clocks, they’re also testing each one. Every configured time clock is tested to verify that it’s operational and appropriately customized. As part of our quality control, we also make sure the terminal has the reseller’s branding on the clock.
  1. Drop-shipping delivery: When all the testing is successfully completed, ATS ships the order directly to the reseller’s customer. Resellers don’t need to worry about labeling, delivery costs, or logistics. This process keeps shipping costs down since the time clocks don’t get sent to a second location. 

Provisioning is Easy – When the Time Clock Vendor Handles It 

Time clocks are our business. ATS already has the space, workflows, and costs built into managing time clock inventory, configuration, and shipping. That’s why we can easily handle every step of the provisioning process for all our resellers. ATS is already set up to perform time clock provisioning at scale. 

For VARs, it’s another matter. Reselling time clocks is smart business for workforce management solutions, but managing it is not their business. With ATS handling the time clock provisioning process completely, everyone stays focused on their core business competencies.  

How much could time, money and headaches could you save with letting ATS do the provisioning for you? Download our eBook and use the table included to see how much you can save each year. 

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