Top Incentives for Good Employee Attendance

"This post was originally published on May 30th, 2017 and updated on March 13th, 2019."

Poor employee attendance is expensive. In fact, some estimates put the direct costs of unscheduled absences[...]

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  • Each site survey (if required) takes approximately 1 hour, is completed in a single[...]

The Best Employee Timeclock Features for Your Business

In picturing an employee time clock, most of us see a paper-punch model, with the employee clocking in and out for every shift and break. While such standalone mechanical and electrical timeclocks[...]

How to Clock in with the Right Timeclock

In theory, clocking in with a paper-punch timeclock makes sense. It provides an easy, inexpensive way for a company to track employees as they clock in and out, so they can calculate pay and stay[...]

Is a Fingerprint Timeclock Right for Your Business?

You have a large company with a large workforce. Accurate reporting of hours is essential to your productivity and profitability. But you are faced with sobering statistics about misuse of many[...]

Time In: An HR Manager’s Guide to Time Clocks

A company can choose from a wide variety of time clocks to suit its HR needs, tracking an employee’s time in and out on the job. Standard punch clocks are inexpensive but are often, open to fraud[...]

Is Timetracking Software Worth It?

You run a business where employees clock in and out so you can monitor their hours to calculate their pay, performance and overtime. But you wonder if it is time to upgrade your time clock system[...]

Should Your Attendance Policy Allow PTO Accrual?

One far-reaching trend in human resource management is to adopt a policy allowing paid time off accrual, in which employees earn a single pool of sick, vacation and personal leave days (rather[...]

Time and Attendance Tracking: A Compliance Manager’s Best Friend

A company that has the wrong time and attendance tracking system – or no system at all! – can run into inefficiencies and errors, resulting in an unhappy workforce, abuses, such as false reports[...]

How to Handle Employee Turnover and Absenteeism

In any company, employee turnover and absenteeism have the potential of becoming a significant and costly issue. For that reason, it’s important to have a solid attendance policy in place.

The Impact Of Employee Absenteeism On Your Business

Do you know how employee absenteeism is affecting your business? According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, employee absenteeism represents close to $84 billion in lost productivity[...]

How to Communicate Your New Employee Attendance Policy

You have worked hard on your new employee attendance policy. Now, it’s time to roll it out and introduce it to your employees. But an important aspect of how well it will be accepted is the way in[...]