Kaliegh Ruiz

Improving Employees’ Experience When Clocking In and Out 

Workers are clocking in and out at least twice a day - so what kind of employee time clock can you provide your customers that delivers a better and more positive user experience?

The answer to a better and more positive user experience is the stride80 from Accu-Time Systems. The stride80 includes numerous features that developers can use to enhance the employee self-service applications they develop to run on the terminal. One of the most visible features they can use is the LE D light bar indicator at the bottom of the stride80. The LED   light bar is software programmable so product teams can incorporate its use to any on-terminal application it creates.  

Used well, color can improve the user’s experience because color sits high on the visual hierarchy. Put more plainly, color attracts attention. More specifically, color contrasts attract attention. A bright color shining against the black backdrop of the stride80’s casing will gain the worker’s attention, making it a useful tool to deliver simple information. 

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