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Are Oracle time clocks ready for healthcare?

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In the healthcare industry, leveraging a workforce management (WFM) tool like Oracle is vital for efficient operations. Employee time clocks play a crucial role in maximizing Oracle's value.  

At ATS, we take pride in our Timecom time tracking system, which seamlessly integrates with Oracle. We’re also proud that our time clocks are ready to use out of the box.  

When an ATS clock reaches our customer, all they need to do is power it up and connect it to the Internet. That’s because the ATS team has configured all the customers’ time clocks to its specifications. 

Easy installation of time clocks for Oracle and healthcare environments improves efficiency and accuracy in managing workforce attendance data. 

“Out of the box” vs “Off the shelf” 

Unfortunately, many vendors confuse “out of the box” with “off the shelf,” which are very different ideas.  

These vendors provide employee time clocks “off the shelf.” No time clock is ready “off the shelf” to meet an organization’s specific needs. Time clocks that deliver quantifiable value require customization. 

Our team works with companies to configure ATS time clocks to integrate with their Oracle and other systems. 

After detailing the company’s data and business needs, our team customizes each ATS time clock. When the company receives its time clocks from ATS, they’re ready to go – out of the box. We’ve already done all the heavy lifting. 

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Time Clock Customizations to Expect 

Company requirements can vary greatly. However, we see many of the same customizations demanded by our customers. Here are some of the most common ways we customize our time clocks. 

Different tasks/roles are paid at different rates 

We often see organizations optimize their WFM by having employees trained for multiple roles and tasks. The ATS team customizes the employee time clock to show the role or task list associated with the employee at the online time clock. The employee selects the role or task when punching in. 

Companies may pay different rates for different roles and tasks. They can use this customization to track employee hours for each role to ensure they’re calculating payroll accurately. 

Specify a geographic location 

In healthcare, a hospital network may operate various sites spread across different counties or states, even within one metropolitan area. For instance, clinics could be located separately from the hospital's administrative office. Employees may work at different clinics across state lines. 

This geographic separation is something we see a lot. It requires precise labor tracking as each state has its own labor and tax laws. It's critical to have the total hours an employee works at a place to calculate and pay taxes accurately. 

Gather relevant attestations 

Many companies need to collect real-time attestations at the time clock to improve their compliance management. Hospitals might require employees to attest they didn't witness any workplace accidents during their shift.  

Additionally, many organizations often mandate attestations confirming employees received allotted meal and break times. Healthcare organizations have difficulties with workers not being able to take scheduled breaks due to unpredictable patient care demands. These entities frequently require attestations confirming employees were able to take their meal and break times during the shift. 

Customized time clocks are essential to accommodate varied attestation language and policies specific to each healthcare facility's compliance requirements. 

Accommodate a company’s employee identification process 

Most companies don’t want to change their badging or employee numbering system to accommodate a new time clock. The time clock needs to accommodate the company’s current badge and number setup. 

As part of the ATS implementation process, we ensure the employee time clock reads their badges correctly and accurately records their employee number. 

We also offer biometric reader options, which enhance accuracy and safeguard against fraudulent practices. 

oracle time and labor

An Employee Time Clock isn’t Just a Time Clock 

All employee time clocks tell time. That’s not why companies buy them.  

A company needs its employee time clocks to collect all information important to it and send it reliably to their Oracle health care WFM system. 

That can only be achieved with a customized time clock certified to work with Oracle. Our Timecom solution, including its time clock app, is Oracle-certified. 

Get a fully customized time clock that integrates out of the box with your Oracle system. A plug-and-play time clock that is optimizes your Oracle ROI offers real value. No off the shelf time clock can do that. 

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