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Oracle Timekeeping for Employee Empowerment

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Oracle HCM Cloud is an advanced time and labor solution that needs an equally sophisticated time clock system. When time clock hardware and time and labor software partner effectively, employees immediately experience the benefits. By optimizing both sides of the attendance system, organizations can give their employees access to industry-leading features and functionality. The result is an empowered and trusted workforce. 



TIME tracking should be a positive experience for employees



15Employees want to clock in as easily as they walk through the door. They need to punch in at least twice a day, more if your organization has employees punch in and out for breaks too.

The time clock they have to use on a daily basis matters to them.

Here are some time clock features that make attendance data collection easy for employees: 

  • Sufficient power and processing speed keeps employees moving through lines quickly. A powerful time clock will also grow with your business so you can minimize the number of new time clocks needed to serve an increasing workforce. 
  • High definition touch screens provide large touch buttons that are effortless to use. There is ample room for clear instructions that employees can easily follow. They also provide other workforce management tools, such as delivering safety messages at the time clock. 
  • Adding a biometric reader eliminates the need for employees to carry badges that can be lost or damaged. With a biometric reader, they don’t need a manual time tracking work-around when employees don’t have their badge. 


improve public safety at the time clock for employees

Employees want a safe work environment. A time clock that provides a contactless experience during time entry, such as a clock with a proximity (RFID) card reader, contributes to workplace safety. When employees can swipe in as easily as they use a credit card, they don’t have to touch the time clock with every punch. This  reduces the risk that the time clock will be a source that transmits infection. 

A time clock with robust processing power also contributes to workplace safety by keeping the line moving and minimizing the need for groups of employees to wait around the time clocks at shift change. A more sophisticated time clock system allows you to restrict employees to certain time clocks, which also helps prevent large groups of employees centering around a few time clocks. 


oracle time clocks give employees more insights

Providing employees with additional tools to manage their schedules can Blog photos inside (400 × 400 px)-4-1significantly enhance their sense of empowerment and well-being in the workplace. When your time clocks and your Oracle HCM system share data, employees have more access to information such as their schedules, accrued time, or to make time-off requests that otherwise would involve a supervisor.The integrations turn every time clock into an employee self-service kiosk. 

Employees often have to rely on their HR or Payroll manager when they have questions about their schedules or paychecks, which can be time-consuming and reduce productivity. This can also lead to employee dissatisfaction as they may have to come in early or stay late to get the manager’s time, or take time away from their responsibilities during their work shift. Additionally, answering these common questions puts a time burden on both managers and employees in the payroll or HR departments.   

A time clock that does double duty provides employees with additional services to: 

  • Submit and track vacation requests. 
  • View past paychecks. 
  • View their upcoming schedule.
  • Check how much paid and unpaid leave they have available. 

When employees have easy access to their scheduling information and can find answers to their questions on their own, it helps them improve their time management and makes them feel more empowered in the workplace.  



21Managers are at risk of over or under-staffing when building schedules. If they’re over staffed, they’re overpaying on labor. If they’re understaffed, then they struggle to meet productivity goals and quality standards. 

When the time clock integrates with Oracle HCM, you can run reports on combined data that compare actual attendance against the planned schedule. Analysis of this report can help managers identify employees with high absenteeism. This information provides managers opportunities to check in with those employees with attendance challenges and put a remediation plan in place. 

When managers have access to attendance data within Oracle timekeeping, they can avoid a variety of scheduling conflicts. Using customizable time management business rules, the scheduling system in Oracle can automatically prevent managers from:  

  • Scheduling an employee with overlapping shifts 
  • Scheduling an employee to shifts that have too little time off between them 
  • Scheduling an employee with excessive overtime 

The data sharing improves the managers’ labor management while also taking them less time to build the schedules. 


improve talent retention

Reducing employee turnover is critical for any business. The costs associated with recruiting and training new employees can be sizeable, not to mention the lost productivity while new hires get up to speed. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a new hire will meet expectations. By implementing Oracle timekeeping with a reliable time clock, businesses can take steps to improve employee retention and reduce these costs. 


The significance of accurate paychecks

An accurate paycheck is critical to keeping employees happy. If your Oracle solution doesn’t have all the attendance data it needs, then payroll risks sending out either inaccurate or late paychecks. The same can occur when there are data or timesheet discrepancies that payroll employees and managers need to review manually. Without a reliable time clock automating the time collection, there’s also a risk that the payroll system is getting inaccurate work records.  

If a worker loses a few unpaid minutes during half of their shifts, it can quickly add up to a significant amount of lost wages. This can end up costing the company significantly in back pay, interest, and penalties if a wage-and-hour complaint is filed. Specific to employee retention, employees who feel cheated or mistreated will not stay at the company. 


paying attention to attendance patterns

The integrated attendance reports can also help managers and HR identify employees who may be losing commitment to the company. A sudden shift in chronic absenteeism, tardiness, or leaving early could be a sign. It might also be a sign that the employee is going through some family or personal distress. In either case, finding employees with these attendance patterns provides managers and HR with the opportunity to work proactively to retain them. 


empower technical employees with superior oversight tools

Your technical teams are responsible for managing the time clock operation and integration with your Oracle HCM solution. The more resources they have to provide oversight and take fast action, the better the time clock and Oracle integration works for your company. 

EATC2273 - Intro to Timecom (3) - Data Collection that makes sense - Follwup graphic emailA tool like TimeCom’s web-based ClockWatch™ gives them real time visibility into your company’s time clock deployment. TimeCom® is our cloud-based employee time and attendance tracking and employee self-service (ESS) solution. 

It’s web-based ClockWatch™ dashboard shows both the operational and data integration status of every time clock. Your support team can minimize any time clock downtime as it will be clear on the ClockWatch™ dashboard when a time clock loses power or internet connectivity, or if it hasn’t sent a data batch. If your team needs additional support to resolve the issue, they can lodge a support request from within ClockWatch™ for a rapid response by the ATS support team. 

ClockWatch™ further simplifies technical support by giving them a centralized platform to update account profile settings and run reports. Through TimeCom, they can run site-level reports, or reports based on a specific time clock or employee’s activity. 


enhance oracle timekeeping power with the right time clock system

 By offering employees additional tools that are user-friendly and practical, you can enhance the overall workplace experience.  

As a trusted Oracle partner, we purpose-built the TimeCom time clock system to work with Oracle HCM delivering superior integration and functionality to employees as they interact with your timekeeping system 

Have any questions about TimeCom? Reach out to us today and we’ll connect you to one of our representatives.  


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Biometric Usage: Growing concerns over the privacy and security of biometrics are driving government regulations surrounding the definition of personal data and how to protect it. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected. It is important to understand the local regulations in the geographic areas in which you operate. If you are uncertain regarding your regulatory obligations, we encourage you to consult with your legal counsel.