4 Ways to Sell More HR Software With a Time Clock Partner

Becoming a time clock reseller offers a variety of unique paths in the never-ending quest to increase software sales. As the features of HR software packages become more commoditized, it’s the[...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Time Clock Partners Around Integration

The central questions you have to ask when looking for a time clock partner are:

  • What value does this partner bring to my business?
  • What value does this partner bring to my customers?

Healthcare Compliance with California Meal Break Law

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Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Time Clock Partner?

Ideally, a vendor partnership continues for a long time because it provides significant value to both partners. However, many companies can find a sense of inertia set in when it comes to their[...]

Time and Attendance Strategies for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Using your time and attendance system to minimize labor costs has never been more valuable than it is right now.

5 Reasons Why a Systems Integrator Should Work With ATS

Reliable partners are valuable partners. The best partners make your life easier and help you look good to your prospects and customers. Systems integrators working with workforce management and[...]

Workforce Optimization Best Practices in Hospitality

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What You Need to Know About Tracking Casino Tips

The first point to get out of the way is that chips are casino tips. It doesn’t matter they aren’t legal tender, they do have monetary value in the world of the casino.>

Are Time Clocks Ready “Off the Shelf”?

One of the achievements that makes us proud at ATS is how easy our time clocks are to install out of the box. By the time an ATS terminal reaches the company, all they have to do is give it a[...]

How Easy Should Time Clocks be to Use?

Getting workers to adopt new workflows or new technology can be a challenge. Managers find it frustrating because they put a lot of thought and effort into implementing the new process. Poor[...]